005 - Adult Worksheets x Creative Calling


Shocking rule: Start with an adult worksheet

This is the worksheet that I created:


  • Creative Processing (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) Collaboration & Friendship / Seth Rogen + Evan Goldberg, Comedy Duo — Seth and Evan talk about growing up learning to write together. They talk about how some of the jokes that ended up in Superbad were pretty much written when they were 13. They started making spoofs of things like Spaceballs, Pulp Fiction and then continued to work together for decades. They mention the influence of a VHS store deal: 7 movies for 7 days for $7—they’d rent 7 (often bad) movies and watch them over the weekend.

  • Not Overthinking: Being Weird — In part of this episode of Not Overthinking, Ali and Taimur discuss books and television. In particular, they consider why books are okay to binge on but if you binge on TV then it’s less acceptable in society.

  • In Sick in the Head: Conversations About Life and Comedy, Judd Apatow talks about outlining The Graduate

    We took out notepads and outlined it because we were trying to understand how it worked and we didn’t understand. We were trying to figure out how much information the movie gave about Benjamin, the main character. And so we just wrote down everything.

    I mention this because I recommend outlining work that you enjoy. By outlining, you can start understanding the structure in different types of work. (You can also follow some advice of ad copywriters: copy things word for word by hand for exercise in paying attention to the writing.) Then you can try that structure for yourself and see how it helps (or doesn’t).